Surprise! We have Licenses to Parent!

For now, I am simply copying our Facebook announcement post below to kick off this section of the blog. I will keep it updated as often as I can – as stated below we are just now moving into some more clarifying territory and will be able to get our own questions answered 🙂

Thanks for the overwhelming love and support we received on our post ….. you never know which way announcements like this will swing. We look forward to the future and keeping any of you interested updated in our progress.


We have been working tirelessly for the past few months on obtaining licenses to parent. Yes, we literally will have licenses to parent.

Dillon Harris and I have been working through the approval process to become foster parents with the ultimate goal to one day adopt. Surprise! No one guessed it! Some of you were close, but we are not pregnant – but we are expecting. We do not have a pool, but maybe now one day 🙂

We have submitted a stack of paperwork about as long as my body, we have been fingerprinted, and then I was fingerprinted AGAIN, because apparently the FBI/DOJ hates me, we have gone to almost every training you can think of, we can save your life now with CPR certifications, and now we are officially off to meet with our assigned social worker. We do not know WHEN, we do not know HOW, to be quite honest we don’t know a lot – this process teaches you in ways we never thought possible. We (mainly I) have had to learn a LOT of patience, to take things on faith, and to give ourselves and the process a lot of grace. This has been hard, invasive, sometimes sad, and we are not even to the kid(s) part yet. I have said to Dillon probably a dozen times “I understand why people just pop out their own kids – so much easier”, but this is what is in our hearts so we continue forward.

You can leave questions below but we can’t promise we can answer them at this time. I am documenting the process both in writing of chronological order for the blog one day and we also plan to film some videos for questions, the process, and our feelings in general. so, please feel free to pop questions below we just can’t promise we know the answers at this point in time. All we do know is that we are ready to welcome children that need love, nurturing, and people to believe in them into our lives, and the foster program is how we have chosen to expand our family. We would encourage you to watch or read the articles/videos I will leave below. There are over 500,000 children in the US foster system, 120,000 of them reside right here in California, and all 500,000 kids just need people to love them.

If you are immediate family you can expect an email from us in the coming weeks of what to expect, the changes that will occur in our lives, and the expectations of the people that choose to be around our little family. I would encourage anyone to read up on cultures not like your own and traumas that most foster children have – kids do not get taken out of their homes because everything is rainbows and butterflies. If you are not in our immediate family but would like to be part of our village please let me know and I will include you in the email. It takes a village.

At the end of the day – we are just out here to love , believe in, and raise kind humans.

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