Bones Coffee Review

Bones Coffee Review by Dillon Harris

I think it goes without being said that Coffee is the one true elixir of life. Fight me on it – I promise you cannot win, it just checks all the boxes. Caffeine? Got it. World influences / variety? Got it. Affordable? Yep. Warm, or cold? Oh yea. Dare I go on? No, I dare not. 

With that said, I have found this passion within this perfect little bean. I want to try it all, and see how others pour their heart into their interpretation of the Perfect Blend. In doing some of my homework, there are dozens of Small Batch coffee’s out there, available for online ordering. I have my eyes set on half a dozen of them – and started with none other than Bones Coffee! Bones has made a name for themselves by having very….eccentric roasts for their beans. There are 15+ combinations to choose from – each more unique from the rest.

A 12oz bag of this stuff will run you $15, which does feel a bit pricey compared to what you can get at the local super market. If you hunt around, there always seems to be some kind of 20% off deal for Bones – which makes it feel a little more OK. 

First off, when I am a first time customer for anything, I have an awful time choosing – just ask Krystal. I literally want to try it all, all the time. So imagine my mental block when faced with 15+ coffee blends that I have never sampled before. It probably took me 3 weeks to finally muster up the courage, and make a decision to order. To my surprise (and excitement) bones allows you to make your own sampler packs! Pick 5 of any blend, and they’ll send you a 4oz sampler for each – genius! Fast forward…I couldn’t choose only 5, so I ordered 10. I mean – you haaaaaaave to get the free shipping right? So I had to meet the $50 minimum. It’s just a thing, we all know it. 

I want to say up front, that this entire experience was amazing – with 0 regrets. The small batch mentality (you get a warning before ordering that delivery times are slow, because nothing is made in advance – and if you need coffee tomorrow then we are not the right choice), and opening the bags just filled the room with this Aroma that is incomparable. Shipping still only took 4 or 5 days, and I will absolutely be ordering here again. The available blends does seem to rotate, so keep your eyes open if there is a “must try” out there for you! 

So what I am wanting to share with you now, is which 10 blends I decided to go with, and throw them into tiers for you all, based purely on the Harris and Co sampling of these blends.

Pawsitively Must Try – The Best Doggone Blends (see what I did there?) 

  • Smorey Time – This was ironically the first we sampled, and the first that stole our taste bud’s hearts. Everyone loves smores, right? Imagine taking a sip of coffee, and having that wonderful aroma of roasted marshmallows and chocolate greet your buds, to be intertwined with a perfect bitter from the bean itself. We are a 2 sugar (truvia) and a splash of cream kind of family – and this just blew us away. 
  • Banana’s Foster – This was my dark horse, the 10th bag I selected. High risk, high reward. My goodness – coffee and banana? Incredible, who knew. I don’t know if I was stolen away by the flavor alone, or just introducing me to the concept of a Banana Nut Coffee (Sorry Dutch Bro’s ) I am a fan forever. 
  • Mint Invaders – So for starters, this is not your typically “Peppermint Mocha”. When you open the bag, and that aroma fills the room – it feels like you just sat down with a pint of Mint Chip ice cream. A very fun, and very successful twist on an already famous Coffee blend. Must have.

Notable Motherpuppers  – (just sticking to the theme at this point) 

  • Cookies N’ Dreams – A fairly “Par for the Course” cookies and cream blend. It’s a house favorite – but this version did not blow the roof off. 
  • Sinn-O-Bun – Super fun twist on a cinnamon blend. Instead of the cinnamon being the focus of the party, this blend accents – and highlights the decadent, rich, cream cheese icing we all know and love.
  • Chocolate Raspberry – A simple flavor combination done right. 
  • Coconut Rum – Malibu + Coffee, who knew? Good cup of joe, but wishing the coconut was little more natural to push it over the top.
  • Carrot Cake – The fun spicy taste of a carrot cake, with the same cream cheese icing nodes found in the “Sinn-O-Bun” – this was super fun, and super good!

Bone Voyage – (It’s ruff, but not everything was a home-run) 

  •  Mustachio – Pistachio blend, was super, super excited by this one – and unfortunately faced with a huge let down. The aroma was spot on – but the flavors were lost once you brew. I may try a cold brew sampling to see if I can bring out the flavor, but unfortunately I would not order this one again. 
  • White Russian – I could not find anything noteworthy about this blend. The aroma was spot on, but unfortunately just turned into a cup of coffee – unfortunate, because this was a classic go-to “White boy” drink.
  • Sumatra Single-Origin – All I will say is this. The coffee was not bad, at all. However – I was definitely engulfed in all of the “fun” flavors, and do not think Bones should color outside of those lines. This blend was good, however if you are looking for a single origin blend – I know I can find better elsewhere. It’s one of those “Don’t order the pepperoni pizza at the Chinese restaurant” kind of things.

So there you have it! My take on Bones Coffee Company. There are still flavors out there I would love to sample someday! Go have a peak for yourself!

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