The Do’s and Don’ts of Sparkling Water

By Dillon Harris 

I want to start this off by rambling – one of my many talents (if you ask Krystal). This is my first ever blog post, and I was told I could make it my own! So…here goes nothing! I can still remember vividly, when I first moved to CA and in with Krystal and RayRay – they were obsessed with Sparkling Water. I took one sip, and spit it out. 

Fast forward…now that I’m not drinking Soda – I can’t get enough Sparkling Water! Maybe it’s filling the carbonation void in my life, maybe my tastes have changed, or maybe I was just an idiot years ago – either way, it’s become my number 1 drink of choice around the house! 

Whether you call it club soda, seltzer water, sparkling water or any other name you can think of – finding one you like can be a challenge! Do you like the refreshing citrus’ / cucumbers? There’s a water for that. Do you like the artificial sweets? There’s a water for that. It can be a very fun way to get your water intake for the day, and is just an all-around super fun drink without any added calories! 

There are so many brands and flavors out there, it’s easy to take a sip and know “this is good”, or “no. just no”. Is there a funky after taste? Is the fizz up to your standard? I sampled 5 different brands of Sparkling Water, found in my local groceries – ranked them based on my standards, and gave a few reasons why! 

  1. Spindrift

Maybe it’s because I’m a romantic – and the memory of this being the “first sparkling water I liked” is taking hold, maybe it’s the marketing behind the real squeezed fruit, or maybe it’s just stinking fantastic Sparkling Water. Whatever the reason, Spindrift takes the gold medal for me. 

While a bit pricier than some of the additional Waters I reviewed below, Spindrift just covered all of the bases for me. The carbonation was crip, the flavor was subtle (because, let’s be real, if I wanted to drink Kool-Aid I’d buy Kool-Aid), and the variety was right up my alley! 

  1. LaCroix

LaCroix was what I was most excited to try, and my #1 before ever taking a sip. It did not disappoint! The carbonation was crisp, the flavor very light – but I will say there was a noticeable after taste that some of the other waters did not have. While subtle, and not a game changer – definitely noticeable. 

The wifey will disagree with LaCroix being ranked so high – but that’s why this is alllllll suggestive. There was a lot that I liked about LaCroix! The variety / flavor options were far and wide the best on the shelves, the pricing was middle of the road, but the marketing is what reallllly gets me. They just look fancy as hell, and are available for bulk purchasing at Costco!  

  1. Waterloo 

I have been, and forever be drawn to anything Grape, which made Waterloo so easy to add to the list! Waterloo branches into what I will call the “kool-aid club”, and definitely has more of the sweetness to it than the rest. Maybe I didn’t give them a fair enough shot, picking Grape as my test run – but definitely did not disappoint! Just also did not convince me to buy it again…yet.

Cost wise Waterloo is on par with LaCroix – so the decision for me is a no brainer. One thing all of these sparkling waters have had in common is they make a damn aesthetically pleasing product! Another slick design, with some throw back, vintage lettering. 

  1. Bubly

Well Pepsi, you tried – but you can’t be good at everything! While this will likely be the “budget water”, and all in all not un-drinkable, it definitely won’t be winning any awards. If you like sweeeeeeeeeeet, then you may be more team Bubly than me! Lots of fun flavors, super sweet, super affordable – just not for me.

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