New Name, New Blog, and New Girl.

As you can see below I wrote this quite some time ago. I just love it. I wanted to publish it even though it’s dated because in that moment it was real.


So, why the new name for blogging? I am just simply not the girl that ran WWB any longer. I eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast now. Oatmeal with extra fiber. I eat oatmeal for breakfast with my own free will, guys.  It’s been nearly 3 years since I last publicly posted my writing, videos, or recipes on the interwebs. A lot can change in as little as a year let alone 3. Not only has my environment changed, my job title, my home, but as an individual I have changed and WWB just felt too small. WWB feels too constrained and I am so over putting myself in a box or setting a parameter around my goals. I am ready to just write about the things I want to write about, read books, go on adventures, plan our wedding, adopt more dogs, and yes, absolutely still cook and post amazing recipes. WWB is an outdated version of me. I am not ashamed of my old chapters or my old blog but I have outgrown that mindset and that life, and that is okay. I want to start something new that has no boundaries and is positively limitless. 

I don’t have a “theme” or any idea what this new adventure will look like and that is half the fun in creating it. It gets to be exactly what I make it – exactly what we make it. 



One: cause it sounds and looks fucking delightful. I smile every damn time I write it or see it, and that is the number one reason to name it just that – it makes me happy. 

Two: I am adopting the Harris name in a few short months. I am damn well going to own it. I live a life no longer restricted to just me. My life has opened up and blossomed and I no longer am just Krystal Renee – the writer, blogger, and recipe enthusiast. Rather, I am going to be Krystal Renee Harris and I want to write her out loud as she discovers new versions, but still the core remains the same at Harris.

Three: & Co. Life is all about the company we keep. I want to surround myself and others with light. In the 3 year hiatus I have learned a lot, but one of the most important has definitely been to only surround yourself with people that bring light into your soul. I want this new chapter, blog, post, whatever you  choose to call it be all about the light. Now, that does not mean this blog will be rainbows and butterflies 24/7 because some of the most beautiful writing comes from the darkest of places and the deepest wounds, but by writing about the darkest times I can bring light to this new life. I hope that others join, I hope other people are inspired to co-write, to co-cook, co-create right here on this platform because the sun is big enough for us all to share. One of my favorite genres in the world to read is memoirs. I love reading about other people’s lives, their perspectives, their triumphs, their joy, and ultimately – their story. We all have a story – why not share it? 

So, as usual I have absolutely no fucking idea what I am doing, and this new version of me has learned to embrace the plunge. The last three years have brought me pain, struggle, heartache, longing, tears, a lot of discomfort, growth, but above all else and to make it all worth it they brought me love. I know, so gross, but so accurate. My biggest accomplishment in the 3 years that I have been away from the Internet has been accepting love. Recognizing that I am worthy of all the love in the world, and knowing that love falls asleep with me each night and wakes up next to me every morning. I didn’t always know to take the leap. I am not a risk taker. I am a calculated planner, I need a vision, a plan, sticky notes, phone calendars, next steps, a savings account, backup to my backup plans, cross training, and I definitely never leap. I am fearless when it comes to pain but a coward when it comes to long term risks. Yet, I am embracing the plunge. I feel slightly less scared each and every day. I worry less each night. I am learning that on occasion it is okay to just close your eyes, hold your partner’s hand, and take the plunge right into the deep end, because I know how to swim, I know how to do all of this, so I just have to do it. 

If you’re interested in moving into the future with me then welcome aboard. If you’re interested in reading dated articles on WWB too bad because I sold the domain’s profits to buy this ONE. Sorry, sucker. But, if you want to watch the least craftiest person on Earth (me) plan a wedding this is the place for you. Or, if you want to watch a girl embarrass herself in cooking/baking (I can’t bake FYI – too many rules) videos then welcome aboard. Do you like reading people’s personal stories because you are nosy? Here I am, girl. I can barely decorate my apartment and now I have a two thousand square foot house – you should definitely tune in for that alone. Dillon is going to attempt to make bookshelves for our house. We most likely are adopting another dog. If you like to read book reviews because you are too lazy to read them yourself – here I am! If you like to watch other people shop or ask invading personal questions – bring it on! I am so ready to make this platform so much fun! If those items above didn’t sell you I also have a cousin that can cook, an aunt that paints, an uncle that makes beer and not weird bathtub beer like legit delicious beer, my dad is a fabulous interior decorator, my mother is a hoot, my mother in law can sew, and the rest of my family is literally weird and terrifying.

Welcome to Harris&Co.

No plans, no ideas, just living out loud.  


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